Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to the new SRCC DR Blog!

So what is this whole "Give Life... For Life" thing anyway? You've (hopefully) seen it at the PSU-MSU Challenge Drives so far and have maybe even gone to our website to mark off a slot on your electronic Donor Rewards Card.

"Give Life... For Life" is a new donor retention program started by the Penn State Student Red Cross Club this year to encourage donors to keep coming back to donate, as well as to thank our regular donors. The program so far consists of two different components: the Donor Rewards Card and this new blog.

The Donor Rewards Card is like an electronic version of those punch cards you get at coffee shops or restaurants, where a slot is marked off each time you return. Once you get a certain number marked off, you get a reward. In this case, if you return once, twice, or three times to donate blood throughout the academic year, you'll be entered into a particular category to win some really cool prizes (like an iPad or flat-screen TV if you donate 4 times!).

And this blog is here to let donors record their donation experiences. Are you a first-time donor? Were you nervous about giving blood? Did it go better and more smoothly than you expected? Or are you a seasoned blood donor? Did you enjoy chatting with our awesome club members? Did you win a raffle prize? Let us know how everything went! Send an email with your blog post to

Hopefully these programs encourage you to continue to be a part of the life-saving services that the American Red Cross offers, so that you really can give the gift of life... for life.

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